Tips for Renting a Roll-off Dumpster

If you are overseeing a construction or renovation project for your home, it will be necessary to provide an option for disposing of the trash that these projects can generate. As a result, using a roll-off dumpster can be an excellent way of making it possible to conveniently dispose of these substances. In order to ensure that your roll-off dumpster experience goes as smoothly as possible, you will need to be mindful of the following tips.  

Know When to Schedule Having the Dumpster Emptied

There are many people that will make the assumption that they will need to fill the dumpster completely before they arrange to have it emptied. Yet, it should be noted that these dumpsters have a clearly marked line on their interior for showing the maximum capacity of the dumpster. If you make the mistake of overfilling the dumpster, the rental service may charge you an expensive penalty, as they will need to remove materials until the top of the trash is below the fill line. This might seem inconvenient, but it is essential for preventing trash from flying out of the dumpster as it is driven to the landfill.

Create a Plan to Keep Pests Away from the Dumpster

Depending on the contents of the dumpster, it is possible for insects mice, cats, and raccoons to be attracted to the roll-off dumpster. Unfortunately, there are many people that might overlook the need to stop the vermin from getting into the dumpster. If they are allowed to access the dumpster’s interior, they may start to build colonies or spread trash from the dumpster around the property.

Fortunately, it does not have to be difficult for individuals to prevent these nuisances. You can do so through the practice of treating the dumpster and the surrounding with pesticides and animal repellents. Also, you will want to minimize the amount of time that the dumpster is left open. Lastly, if you will need to dispose of food or other substances that can quickly attract these pests, you will want to make sure that you have the substances double-bagged before you go to place them in the dumpster.

When you rent a roll-off dumpster, it can be easy to make some oversights that lead to problems with using the dumpster. To help minimize the risk of these issues complicating your experience with a rented dumpster, you will need to make sure that you are avoiding overfilling the dumpster and that you are taking steps to minimize the threats posed by common pests.

About To Work On A Remodel Without A Vehicle? Make Use Of Debris Removal Services

As a homeowner, you can do most of what you want to your property without any restriction. So, you may look forward to handling renovation projects on your own. Most of the time, this involves driving to nearby home improvement stores and getting the supplies you need to get started. A realistic alternative is to do all of your shopping online or to have everything shipped straight to your front door. But, what about when you need to get rid of debris? This is when you should rely on debris removal services.

Gather Up and Separate Debris

While working on projects, you are likely to accumulate a lot of building material that must be tossed. Flooring, drywall, insulation foam, doors, windows, and wood are a few things you may be disposing of. Before you even get started, one thing that you should do is figure out a separation plan. A company must be able to separate the garbage from the pieces that need to be recycled. So, the smartest thing to do is contact the company you intend on hiring to see how they want you to organize the debris.

Check the Restrictions

It is possible for you to run into some restrictions when it comes to throwing away debris. You might have a broken refrigerator that you need to get out of your home, but some companies may not take it away. To avoid having to hire multiple companies, you should find one that is open to all sorts of trash. This is ideal because you would have to rent an oversized vehicle to throw something like a refrigerator away.

Avoid Renting a Vehicle at All

It may feel tempting to rent a vehicle for the sole purpose of delivering debris to the local dump or recycling center, wherever it needs to go. However, a car rental company will expect you to return the vehicle in the same exact shape as it was when you picked it up, and this may be hard to accomplish. As careful as you may be with organizing debris and protecting the car from sharp corners, it is a huge risk.

Once you start remodeling, you will most likely begin accumulating a large pile of materials to toss. It is smart to find a place in your home or backyard to keep everything until you get debris removal services, such as from East Central Sanitation & Recycling. Following this strategy will prevent you from having to rent a car and get services on multiple occasions.

Steps For Starting Your Scrap Metal Business

One of the most potentially lucrative businesses you can start from scratch is a scrap metal business. Scrap metal is a consistently in demand commodity which can be mined from a number of different resources. With some time, knowledge and practice, you can grow your scrap metal business from a small startup to a successful enterprise. In addition to making relationships with metal recycling companies in your area who can pay you handsomely, consider these tips below.

Establish your work space and vehicle

Before you do anything else, you need to set up a place to store your scrap metal and a vehicle to help you collect your scrap metal. You can start as small as your garage, backyard or storage shed, depending on the type of property that you own. You can also purchase a used van or truck to get started collecting metal all over town. Keep your work space small initially, so that you can initially grow into a warehouse or other shop space that will be useful to you.

Determine your specialties and startup costs

Dealing in scrap metal will require startup costs that can range anywhere between $2000 and $10,000. There are many business models you can operate, including collecting reclaimed metals and selling them to metal recycling contractors, or sticking strictly to one type of metal to sell and recycle. With a relatively low startup cost, you can be well on your way toward a successful business venture.

Learn the best metals to collect and recycle

You have a lot of options of scrap metals to collect and recycle. Steel is the most recycled metal in the world and accounts for greater than 55% of metal processed in the United States. The recycling rates are extraordinary for steel, as steel cars fetch rates of 106%, appliances receive 90% recycling rates and construction-based steel receives 98% recycling rates. Other metals, such as aluminum, copper and nickel can also be lucrative and are often recycled.

Stay on top of the market prices

The prices that you can get from scrap metal buyers will depend on market conditions, which change every day. Stay on top of these prices by consistently reading the American Metals Market guide. Always staying on top of these matters will allow you to remain informed on your scrap metal sales and purchases.

Use these tips to allow you to bridge the gap between deciding to start a scrap metal business and turning it into your next big enterprise.

3 Ways To Make Sure Maggots Don’t Infest Your Garbage Bin Before Trash Removal Day

A single female fly can lay up to 500 eggs within the span of 3 to 4 day. These larvae eventually become the pesky maggots that you often see rummaging within rotten meat and other food products. Your garbage bin is a prime location for these flies to lay their eggs, as it contains an abundance of food for their young. If you don’t want to open up your garbage bin to find that it has been infested by maggots, here are 3 preventative tips you should consider implementing.

Keep a Sealed Lid on the Bin

Maggots don’t suddenly pop up out of nowhere. In order for your garbage bin to be infested with maggots, the contents within must be accessible to the hordes of flies that are swarming the bin. If the flies cannot access the inside of the bin, you really won’t have to worry about maggot infestations.

As a result, one of the simplest and easiest thing you can do is to purchase a garbage bin that comes with a sealed lid. Make sure that there are no crevices or cracks where the flies can squeeze into your garbage bin and keep the lid on at all times. If you live in an area with strong winds, purchase a bin with a lockable lid.  

Freeze Leftover Meat in a Plastic Bag

Mother flies will usually lay their eggs on meat products, as they contain the most nutrients for their larvae. With that said, be careful of the type of waste products that you toss into your garbage bin. If you are going to be tossing in leftover meat from breakfast, dinner or lunch, make sure you wrap those food wastes in a separate plastic bag.

You should also consider freezing leftover meat before tossing it out. As the meat is still hard from being frozen, it will take some time for the flies or the maggots to even reach it. Freezing the meats will also make this type of waste less smelly, which, in return, will attract less flies to your bin. If possible, keep frozen food waste in your freezer for as long as possible. Toss it out as close as possible to trash removal day.

Keep the Garbage Bin in a Shaded Place

Smelly odors attract flies and other pests, so you’ll want to keep that to a minimum. While it’s not uncommon for garbage bins to reek, you can make sure that your bin reeks less if you keep it in a shaded place away from the sun. Direct exposure to the sun will cause the waste products to degrade even faster. As they degrade, the waste will release smelly gases that attract pests.

Keep your garbage bin in the shade underneath a tree, inside your garage or even close to your home and in the shade. This way, your bin will attract less flies before the trash is removed.


If you are diligent in maintaining your garbage bin, you can keep easily pests away until trash removal day. Maggots are particularly troublesome, as they are difficult to get rid of.

For more information, contact a trash removal company, such as B-P Trucking Inc.

7 Tips For Handling Holiday Waste

Holidays often mean more waste being generated in households across the country. Everything from holiday wrapping paper to Christmas trees can have a negative impact on the environment if they are not properly handled after the holidays are over. Regardless of the holiday, there are things you and your family can do to help the environment and get rid of waste. 

  1. Recycle or donate your tree. If you have a real Christmas tree, strip it of its decorations and drop it off at a disposal facility after the holidays are over. Since artificial trees are not accepted at the facilities, consider donating it to someone else to use next year. 
  2. Sort the wrapping paper for recycling. One of the biggest misconceptions about wrapping paper is that all of it can be tossed in the bin for curbside recycling. In reality, only wrapping paper that is free of additives, such as glitter, can be recycled.
  3. Re-purpose holiday cards. Just like wrapping paper, only holiday cards without additives can be recycled. Instead of tossing the non-recyclables, re-purpose them as gift tags, bookmarks, or postcards. 
  4. Check the policy for lights. Whether you used lights for your Christmas tree or a party, you might be able to add them to the recycling bin. Check with the curbside recycling provider to find out what the policy is for the lights. 
  5. Rinse the aluminum before recycling. Aluminum, such as cans for carbonated beverages, are recyclable. However, sticky drink or food residue could lead to contamination of the other aluminum in a load. To prevent this from happening, take the time to rinse off the aluminum before tossing it in the recycling bin.
  6. Recycle plastic dinnerware and flatware. If you hosted family and friends during the holidays for meals and used plastic, you can recycle the cups, flatware, and dinnerware that was used. Remember to rinse the items before placing them in the bin. 
  7. Avoid putting the wrong materials in the recycling bin. Lighter fluid and other flammable liquids should never be placed in your curbside recycling bin. Contact your city’s recycling center to find out if there are disposal facilities in the area willing to accept those items. 

It can take time and effort to reduce the waste from your holiday celebrations, but it is worth it. Some recycling facilities handle a wide range of waste products. Contact your local recycling facility like Industrial Services Inc to find out what other items from your holidays can be recycled.   

How To Recycle Your Old Cell Phone

Recycling electronics has quickly become a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. If you are interested in recycling your old phone, it is important to know what to do to make sure that it is recycled properly. The guide below walks you through everything you need to know about recycling your phone in the safest way possible.

Download Everything of Importance from the Phone

The first thing you need to do is download everything that is of importance to you from the phone so that you do not lose it forever when you donate the phone. You can often hook the phone up to a computer using a USB cord. Once the phone is attached to the computer, an alert should show up on your computer that asks you for permission to connect the device. Grant permission and then click “download all files and pictures” when the alert pops onto the screen. This will allow you to easily transfer all important videos and pictures from your phone onto your computer.

Reset the Factory Settings on Your Phone

Next, you need to reset the factory settings on your phone. You want to do this to ensure that no one can gain access to the personal information that is on your phone, such as your contact information. Go to the settings application in your phone and click on the general tab within the settings application. You should then be able to scroll down to see a tab labeled “reset” somewhere on the screen. Press that button and then follow the steps on the screen to reset the phone back to its factory settings. Check the phone to make sure that all of your contacts, pictures, and personal information have been erased.

Recycle the Phone at a Designated Recycling Location

Once the phone is reset, it will be ready to be recycled. Electronic recycling bins can often be found in electronic stores and in large malls. Be sure to read the bin carefully to see if you need to remove the battery from the phone, if possible, before placing it into the bin.

Once the phone is donated for recycling, the phone will be recycled for use in other electronic devices. This is a far better option than simply tossing the phone in the dump, because it lessens the amount of waste at the dump and ensures the phone does not cause any damage to the environment. Contact a company like Uribe Refuse Services Inc for more info.

How To Salvage Some Money Out Of Your Uninsured, Totaled Car

If your car got totaled, and you didn’t have collision insurance, then you might be tempted to simply dump it and forget about it. While that feeling is understandable, you can still salvage a bit of money out of the car as long as you are a bit handy with tools. You can strip the car of some valuable parts and then sell the body for scrap.

Even if your car is totaled there are still parts that will be salvageable. In order to get the price for these items you will need to contact a local junkyard in your area. Some places might maintain a website, but it’s best to call them on the phone because the price of copper/aluminum/ and other items can change weekly and a website might not be updated.


The battery can be taken to a junkyard and you can redeem it for cash. You can remove the battery from your car using a simple socket set. Unhook the cables from the terminals and remove the bolts with the socket wrench. 

Windshield Wiper Arms (Not Blades)

These can be sold to a junkyard that specializes in parts. Many junkyards won’t deal with small items, so it’s important to find a yard that serves people who are looking to rebuild old cars. The windshield wiper arm can be removed with a screwdriver and pliers. You don’t need to have the blades because these are often universal. The arms are going to be vehicle specific, which is why people seek out the original wiper arms.


The alternator is filled with copper. You can remove it and sell it to the junk yard. You won’t get paid their weight in copper, because it is not completely copper, but it is worth more than simple scrap metal. You will need a socket wrench set. The alternator is connected to the battery by cables that need to be removed with the socket wrench. It is also bolted to the frame, and there is also a belt that needs to be slipped off the crank pulley. You can do this with pliers.

Tire Rims

If you have nice rims, definitely remove them and try and sell them on the secondary market. Even if they are basic, stock rims, you can get money for them from a scarp yard because of the aluminum or magnesium content. Jack up the car, loosen the lug nuts, and take the tire off the car.

Have A Professional Remove The Airbags For Recycling

Used airbags can fetch between $250 to $300 dollars. So, before you bring in the car and sell it for weight, have a professional come and remove the airbag. These are not items you can remove yourself. If you try and do it yourself you risk damaging the deployment sensors and rendering it broken. Because you are not removing the airbag yourself, you won’t net the full market price, but you can negotiate for a small fee in order to allow the professional to access your car and take possession of the airbag. Contact a business that specializes in airbag recycling services for more information.