How To Recycle Your Old Cell Phone

4 July 2016
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Recycling electronics has quickly become a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. If you are interested in recycling your old phone, it is important to know what to do to make sure that it is recycled properly. The guide below walks you through everything you need to know about recycling your phone in the safest way possible.

Download Everything of Importance from the Phone

The first thing you need to do is download everything that is of importance to you from the phone so that you do not lose it forever when you donate the phone. You can often hook the phone up to a computer using a USB cord. Once the phone is attached to the computer, an alert should show up on your computer that asks you for permission to connect the device. Grant permission and then click "download all files and pictures" when the alert pops onto the screen. This will allow you to easily transfer all important videos and pictures from your phone onto your computer.

Reset the Factory Settings on Your Phone

Next, you need to reset the factory settings on your phone. You want to do this to ensure that no one can gain access to the personal information that is on your phone, such as your contact information. Go to the settings application in your phone and click on the general tab within the settings application. You should then be able to scroll down to see a tab labeled "reset" somewhere on the screen. Press that button and then follow the steps on the screen to reset the phone back to its factory settings. Check the phone to make sure that all of your contacts, pictures, and personal information have been erased.

Recycle the Phone at a Designated Recycling Location

Once the phone is reset, it will be ready to be recycled. Electronic recycling bins can often be found in electronic stores and in large malls. Be sure to read the bin carefully to see if you need to remove the battery from the phone, if possible, before placing it into the bin.

Once the phone is donated for recycling, the phone will be recycled for use in other electronic devices. This is a far better option than simply tossing the phone in the dump, because it lessens the amount of waste at the dump and ensures the phone does not cause any damage to the environment. Contact a company like Uribe Refuse Services Inc for more info.