3 Ways To Make Sure Maggots Don't Infest Your Garbage Bin Before Trash Removal Day

13 July 2016
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A single female fly can lay up to 500 eggs within the span of 3 to 4 day. These larvae eventually become the pesky maggots that you often see rummaging within rotten meat and other food products. Your garbage bin is a prime location for these flies to lay their eggs, as it contains an abundance of food for their young. If you don't want to open up your garbage bin to find that it has been infested by maggots, here are 3 preventative tips you should consider implementing.

Keep a Sealed Lid on the Bin

Maggots don't suddenly pop up out of nowhere. In order for your garbage bin to be infested with maggots, the contents within must be accessible to the hordes of flies that are swarming the bin. If the flies cannot access the inside of the bin, you really won't have to worry about maggot infestations.

As a result, one of the simplest and easiest thing you can do is to purchase a garbage bin that comes with a sealed lid. Make sure that there are no crevices or cracks where the flies can squeeze into your garbage bin and keep the lid on at all times. If you live in an area with strong winds, purchase a bin with a lockable lid.  

Freeze Leftover Meat in a Plastic Bag

Mother flies will usually lay their eggs on meat products, as they contain the most nutrients for their larvae. With that said, be careful of the type of waste products that you toss into your garbage bin. If you are going to be tossing in leftover meat from breakfast, dinner or lunch, make sure you wrap those food wastes in a separate plastic bag.

You should also consider freezing leftover meat before tossing it out. As the meat is still hard from being frozen, it will take some time for the flies or the maggots to even reach it. Freezing the meats will also make this type of waste less smelly, which, in return, will attract less flies to your bin. If possible, keep frozen food waste in your freezer for as long as possible. Toss it out as close as possible to trash removal day.

Keep the Garbage Bin in a Shaded Place

Smelly odors attract flies and other pests, so you'll want to keep that to a minimum. While it's not uncommon for garbage bins to reek, you can make sure that your bin reeks less if you keep it in a shaded place away from the sun. Direct exposure to the sun will cause the waste products to degrade even faster. As they degrade, the waste will release smelly gases that attract pests.

Keep your garbage bin in the shade underneath a tree, inside your garage or even close to your home and in the shade. This way, your bin will attract less flies before the trash is removed.


If you are diligent in maintaining your garbage bin, you can keep easily pests away until trash removal day. Maggots are particularly troublesome, as they are difficult to get rid of.

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