Keeping Your Restaurant Parking Lot Clean: Four Helpful Ideas

29 December 2016
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Keeping your restaurant's parking lot clean can help you to make a good impression with your customers. With a little bit of work and planning, you can ensure your lot is always ready for business. Here are a few things you can do to keep your space neat and orderly.

Fence Off The Dumpster Area

Keeping your dumpster secure can prevent people from throwing trash near the dumpster, and it can also prevent people in the area from dumping their trash into your dumpster. Consider building a fence large enough to surround your dumpster, as well as, your grease handling containers to keep them both secure. Be sure to add a locked gate to keep the space secure, and give your trash hauling company a copy of the keys so they can empty the dumpsters as needed.

Set Up Outdoor Trash Receptacles

Discourage littering in your parking lot by placing trash receptacles near the entrance and exit. This is particularly important if you have a fast food restaurant, as people may have trash they immediately need to throw out. Consider placing trash cans near the doors to your restaurant as well. If space allows, rent trash cans that have separate compartments for recycling, which can help to reduce the waste your restaurant sends to local landfills.

Hire A Parking Lot Cleaning Service

Hiring a parking lot cleaning service can ensure your lot is always clean and ready for your customers. The service can sweep the lot clean as often as you need it, and you may also be able to contract with the same company to arrange for snow removal during the cold winter months.

Have The Parking Spaces Re-Striped

Part of keeping your parking lot orderly includes regular maintenance. Re-painting the parking space stripes can keep the lot looking fresh and clean, and it can help to ensure customers can easily see the parking spots when pulling into the lot. In addition to re-painting the spots, consider having the curbs painted for added safety. You'll also want to consider posting new parking signs for handicapped spots and for reserved parking spaces as a finishing touch for your lot. A clean parking lot can help to make your restaurant look more appealing. Consider these steps to keep your lot looking great, and work with your dumpster rental company and parking lot cleaning service to arrange all the services you need.