Why Recycle An Air Conditioner?

8 December 2020
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When your old air conditioner system needs replacement, then consider air conditioner recycling. You cannot throw your air conditioner parts directly into the trash, so you might as well have your old air conditioner put to good use. Here is why you should recycle your air conditioner and what parts recycling businesses like to use.

Why Recycle an Air Conditioner?

Recycling an air conditioner is good for the environment. Air conditioners contain several reusable components. They also have parts that could become toxic if disposed of in a landfill. Many parts can leak toxins into the groundwater or release them into the air if not properly dismantled. When you recycle, you are repurposing those parts so they don't sit idle and slowly deteriorate.

What Parts Are Recyclable?

Air conditioners are full of useful parts that can be reshaped or repaired for reuse. Here are some of the parts that are high in demand.


Aluminum is used in several components. It is useful due to its anti-corrosive properties and excellent conductivity. Coils and compressors are the prime locations for this metal, and it is often used in combination with copper.

Galvanized Sheet Metal

Air conditioner cases, as well as some internal brackets, are often made of strong sheet metal. This metal can be broken down and reshaped into a new air conditioner cover or a completely new product.


Copper is a great heat conductor and is often used in the coils, evaporator, and condenser. It is used either in place of aluminum parts or alongside them. Recycled copper is in high demand and is often reused in electronics.


Plastic makes up much of the exterior. It is commonly used for components such as vents, knobs, and other objects to give the unit pleasing aesthetics. They are also used to separate or provide a barrier between other parts of the air conditioner. Plastics can be broken down and reused for a wide range of items. However, smaller pieces of plastic may be more difficult to recycle.

Many air conditioners have other recyclable components depending on their age and price range. For example, some air conditioning units have brass fittings that can be recycled.

Window-sized air conditioners can be recycled as a whole unit. However, be careful with disassembling large outdoor units if you are not a professional. Many of these systems have residual coolant and other chemicals that could leak and cause problems. This coolant must be removed by a licensed technician before disassembly. After that, you can bring in the unit or the parts to an air conditioner recycling company for reuse and proper disposal.

If you have further questions about air conditioner recycling, get in contact with a company near you.